The Living Room is the most frequent place which we use in our home. Living rooms are usually one of the first rooms you think about decorating or redesigning when moving into a new place or time for a makeover.


Dropped ceiling

One of the most common things that would eventually look grand is a dropped ceiling. A living room can be decorated with a sloped roof to look more attractive.

Living Room accommodation

Installation of zoomers

Zoomers can be placed in the correct position where they would not disturb the inner looks. But, remember zoomers can be set only when the house is big. It will be problematic if a zoomer is installed in a small home looking congested.



These days it’s better to stick wallpapers to the wall instead of painting. It should be a good combination with the furniture. The main attraction is the walls, so the color combination and the design of the wallpaper matter. It is better to change the wallpapers after years instead of painting the wall.


The paint must be painted with a perfect combination. Some Graffiti that fits the wall and the interior designs can be drawn or posted on the wall.

Wall hangings

Wall hanging is not compulsory, but you are like growing plants; you can make a hanging pot and hang it on the wall.

If you are passionate about painting, paint on a canvas that is of the proper size to your hall.


The wallpapers look attractive, and again, the color of your walls should match the paintings. There shouldn’t be more paintings; it seems like they are jammed into the walls. 1 or 2 paintings would be sufficient.

Minimalistic ways are always the best.


Inexpensive large floor rugs can be used to help it coordinate with the living room’s furniture.


The furniture is the essential thing in a living room. It should be selected with the proper selection. The living room will be attractive if there is the same color combination.

Sofa set

The sofa set should be in a size such that the room isn’t uncomfortable or fully occupied. It should look good, and the color or the pattern must match the walls. Buying offline to get the perfect size for the hall.

TV unit

A TV unit is again not a mandatory thing, but it is an essential asset. The same pattern or color should be the TV unit. For example, if the sofa is in the brown shade, the whole furniture should be in the same shade. Light shade or dark in the brown would look great. The pattern may differ, but the shade should be the same.

Living Room accommodation


When there is a sofa set, a maximum of 2 chairs can be accommodated if there is enough space left.


Flower pots, bean bags, and other fancy touches can be placed with the proper selection.

Living Room Accommodation

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